Transforming the way we work, in 2020 and beyond

Posted: 9th June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the way we live, work, play and live our lives together. Not just today, but almost certainly for the rest of our lives.

The way we conduct business during this time is crucial for our future reputation. How do you want your customers and potential customers to remember your business? This is not the time for a hard sell. This is this time to build brand relationships and goodwill by holding out your hands to those who need your help. At artisan, we are proud every day to be able to support our customers with teams of key workers who have continued to go to work because we as a nation need them. That’s how I want our clients to remember artisan, as the team who were there to support them during this difficult time.

We are all experiencing challenges; missing loved ones, adapting to working from home, worrying about the financial impact, both personally and professionally and coping with uncertainty. One thing is for sure, business as we knew it has changed. As our economy begins to reopen, we are entering new uncharted territory. Are you prepared? 

Here are some questions and thinking points for you to consider.

Have you given away market share?

We are living in a pandemic. Everything you did before needs to be looked at and questioned, including your marketing and PR strategy. If you have put everything on hold, ask yourself, how this is going to impact you over the next few months or even years? Are you giving your business away to your competitors?

Marketing with compassion

The majority of the brands we work for are acting with real compassion and supporting their customers in new and exciting ways. We have been having such fun working with them on their digital and traditional marketing campaigns. 

The business of business has changed. It has become more personal, more human, with clients and colleagues inviting you into their homes through virtual meetings. In the last couple of months, I have been on many calls where I’ve heard voices of young ones in the background or birds singing from a garden. We have been able to talk anytime, 7am or 7pm, whenever fits with our clients and around their family activities.

As the lockdown begins to lift, we all need to take this time to review our marketing strategy as well as how we operate, to ensure our businesses do not become a casualty of the pandemic. Acting responsibly, with understanding and humanity is paramount, but the action is needed. The world we did business in before is now gone; it is time to adapt.


A global pandemic is perhaps not the best time for a big product launch. However, working together, we can develop and run effective internal and external campaigns to make sure you are at the front of mind as people begin to join the new world.

Reduced Budgets

We understand that budgets may be different, much like many other aspects of our businesses right now, but actively marketing throughout the pandemic will protect your market share and done correctly will positively position your brand and reputation.

Tone of voice

Your communication needs to change. As always, think carefully about your customer and what their challenges and experiences are right now. Show empathy, understanding and humanity. Remember, right now is about building relationships and brand equity.

Planning for a post-COVID-19 future

Most businesses will emerge from the pandemic changed. Many will have experienced a negative impact, and some sadly will not survive the damage done. We should be planning now for our strong return.

Thinking about how to adapt your PR and marketing strategy provides us with an opportunity to connect with our clients in new exciting ways and re-position our brands, so they are fit for the future. Use this period to develop your brand’s personality and engage on a higher level with customers. 

After 27 years as the MD at artisan creative, I for one, look forward to re-building and re-visiting the way we work. 

For right now, we continue to offer a full service to our clients interacting through Microsoft Teams, Skype and other forms of virtual meetings. Please feel free to give me a call to arrange a meeting with our team of experts. 

I welcome the day when we can all be united face to face again, but in the meantime, I am sure our heads and hearts will show us a way to get through this together. Stay safe