Smart tools bring your brand to life like never before. At artisan we enjoy experimenting with the possibilities of what can be achieved through digital so your consumers have an engaging, informative and memorable experience.

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Augmented Reality

To experience Augmented Reality for yourself, use the links below on a mobile device to download the app. Then either print out the target image below, or display it on a screen.

Open the app and choose the second product shown on the home page to open up the S4 product range. Using the AR target image, print this out and lay it flat on a surface. Point your tablet towards the target and activate the AR. See the information hotspots animate the key technologies and unique features of the product. See the product explode, rotate and reform before your eyes. All this was achieved using a CAD drawing and a little imagination!

AR Target

Install the app on your iOS device


Install the app on your Android device

Google Play

Or visit your App Store on your device and search 'Stamford'