about artisan

Based in the beautiful countryside of Stamford, Lincolnshire, but working wherever you need us, we’ve been building brands through a full marketing service for over 25 years.

Whether you’re a small start-up business or have been established for many years, we work across all sectors to help you differentiate and grow your customer base. As a smaller agency, we’re exceptionally agile and adaptable, with quicker turnarounds than larger agencies – so we can be there when you need us.

We place a lot of importance on building relationships. Each client receives the same level of care, knowledge and creativity. The people you first meet will be the people who will work with you throughout your project. You’ll have a dedicated account manager providing a single line of communication, along with a senior creative manager who will produce and oversee all your work for consistency.

Our relaxed, fun and informative approach, our desire to be super creative while adhering to the brief, and our respect for deadlines, timelines and budgets, make us a valuable partner in delivering your marketing strategy.

How we’ll work together

Over 25 years in the industry, we have developed a succinct and methodical way of working that puts you at the centre of everything we do. It embraces the creative process, helps us develop strategies and deliver award-winning marketing campaigns.

Being very much a hands-on agency, we love to meet with our clients and develop our relationship through direct contact, but also fully embrace the digital age and virtual world to be available for you in whichever way suits you best.

With a dedicated team of professionals in brand development, advertising, internal communications, and all aspects of digital and print marketing, we can help you develop your brand, deliver your message, and work with you to achieve your marketing goals.

You’re always welcome to pop in for a cuppa and chat about a brief or upcoming project.



Marketing support

Our experienced account management team build professional and rewarding relationships with their clients.

Working closely together to effectively utilise existing marketing plans or delivering complete strategies from scratch, we will become a valuable asset to your team.

At artisan we consider ourselves to be partners; we are as passionate as our clients about delivering campaigns that make the difference.

We have a fun and energetic approach to our management style which makes working with us an experience you will enjoy.

The creative side

Your relationship with the creative team at artisan is just as important as your account manager. What’s great service without great creative? We encourage direct contact with our designers where possible to make sure we are on the right track, and when it comes to presenting concepts the designer will be on hand to take you through the work.

Our digital offering

The majority of marketing campaigns are now either digital led or have various digital elements. At artisan we enjoy working with the very latest technology to provide exciting memorable experiences for our clients and their customers. From Augmented reality, virtual reality, CGI and Animation through to social media and responsive web design we have a team of experts on hand to ensure you have maximum stand out in this busy sector.

Production safety net

All artisan customers are looked after on a daily basis not just by the account manager but they also have an office based production manager who will be tracking their projects daily. In addition they coordinate proof reading, negotiating with suppliers and working very closely with the design team and account manager to make sure you feel very special indeed.

Our process

Over 25 years in the industry we have developed a succinct and methodical way of working that puts the client at the centre of everything we do. It embraces the creative process, helps us develop strategies and deliver award winning marketing campaigns.

Brief is King! – Let’s take time to understand what you want. Work with us to write your brief and make sure we all know what we are aiming for.

Concept development – The artisan team get together to pull ideas together. Most of the time our ideas sessions result in far too many ideas to be practical to share with you. We will evolve our favourite ideas into full concepts, but don’t worry you will get to see what we call the cutting room floor. Generally, we are proud to say our clients are “spoilt for choice”.

Refinement of concept – Time to nail that creative. Refine, tweak, re-work until we have crafted the perfect campaign.

Concept approval – You love it, we love it.

Design development – Time to make the concept work and apply the style across all collateral.

Artworking – At artisan we have a dedicated artwork team. Creative Designers have very different skills to Artworkers, that why we have an Artworker check all your work before going to print. It’s the right/left brain thing!

Production – We work on your behalf with quality printers and production houses to make sure your projects are completed to the standard we both will be happy with.

Delivery – Always on time and to the quality you expect.

Review – Did it work? Are we all happy with the outcome and what ROI are you feeling? Happy Client – Happy artisan