artisan collaborates with trusted partner to transform their IT systems

Posted: 23rd November 2018

We have recently implemented an IT upgrade and joined forces with a new managed IT services partner, 10-100 Consultancy, in a significant investment for the improvement, development and support of our IT systems.The investment includes a complete renewal of the design team’s iMac workstations to accommodate the increase in animation, CGI and virtual reality work being requested by various clients, both existing and new. This upgrade will also further enhance the integrity and cyber security of client data and information held by us.

What does this upgrade entail and how does it affect our clients?

The first area addressed was the network infrastructure, introducing advanced enterprise-grade security against today’s modern cyber threats and malware. The new WatchGuard firewall running Total Security Suite gives us the best possible protection at the gateway to their network and, coupled with WatchGuard Secure Wireless Access Points, gives us complete peace of mind knowing their internal network and data is secure.

Secondly, being long-standing users of Apple products, we saw the need to modernise our legacy Apple X-Serve and RAID storage infrastructure to provide a more robust, scalable and secure environment on which our design team could work. The new infrastructure not only sees a large reduction in the hardware carbon footprint in the communications room, but, more importantly, provides a modern storage platform that will allow us to work more efficiently and effectively, even as demand increases.

On completion of the project, 10-100 will provide ongoing maintenance and support for our network, ensuring we remain operational and our staff can continue to focus on their core role and consistently deliver quality design work to our clients.