Why choosing a smaller marketing agency has big advantages

Posted: 11th June 2024

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Deciding which creative marketing agency to work with isn’t an easy task. It can be hard to know whether a bigger or smaller marketing agency would suit you best, no matter the size of your business.

While large agencies certainly have their merits, with extensive resources and experience, a smaller marketing agency can still be a mighty choice – and here’s why:

  • Flexible and fast

Smaller marketing agencies are exceptionally agile and adaptable. They can quickly adjust to changing market conditions or business strategies – responding to your needs in real-time and with fast turnarounds. It means they can be there exactly when you need them, which is always good to know when you have those last-minute changes or urgent jobs.

  • Valued, personal relationships

With a smaller marketing agency, you’re not just another client lost in a sea of projects. Every client is a big client to them, and each one is just as important as the next. They place a lot of importance on building strong, long-term relationships based on a highly personalised service. They’re committed to growing your brand and are truly invested in your success. This level of dedication and trust can lead to more fruitful partnerships and better results in the long run.

  • Close-knit, passionate teams

Smaller teams foster a culture of collaboration, cooperation and accountability, which can lead to more innovation and cohesion in marketing ideas, strategies and creativity. They play to everyone’s strengths and expertise, creating a deeper understanding and knowledge of your brand and projects, which drives a determination to deliver outstanding results for you.

  • Lean and affordable

Smaller agencies typically have lower overhead costs, which allows them to offer competitive pricing while still delivering high-quality creative work. This is especially beneficial if you’re working with tight budgets.

  • Better communication

With fewer layers of management, you get clearer and more direct communication between you and a smaller marketing agency. When you give them a call, you’re likely to either get the owner or one of the people working on your projects answering the phone. The people you first meet will be the people who will work with you throughout your project, so you’ll know if the chemistry is right from the get-go.

Is a smaller agency right for you?

As a smaller marketing agency ourselves, we’re biased, of course. We believe that smaller agencies can really offer you huge advantages. Their unique and valuable approach to marketing, along with their dedication to your business, can help your brand to stand out and thrive.

Objectively speaking though, there’s no right or wrong answer. It can simply come down to the results the agency can deliver for your company’s bottom line or the qualities you’re looking for in an agency.


If you want to find out whether a smaller agency could be your perfect partner, then give us a call and let us show you that we absolutely can be!

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