brief is king

don't let them in - Cyber safe

Cyber security can be a dull subject in the world of internal communication, with complex messages and endless changes and challenges meeting the IT team on a weekly if not daily basis.  Artisan was challenged to find a way of bringing the messaging to life in an exciting way that would get the team excited and encourage them to engage with the campaign.

concept development

We provided several campaign themes for Anglian Water to choose a direction that would fit with the brand and also work with the brand guidelines they had in place.

concept approval

Our cyber monsters won the day and we set to working on the collateral to make this launch campaign as powerful as possible. The campaign would roll out over a few days and be a total surprise to the Anglian Water staff.

design development

The main campaign launch shows the monsters trying to get into ‘Anglian Water Land’ – “Don’t let them in”.

Window stickers – Teaser campaign where the monsters start appearing but nobody knows why.

This was followed by Cyber Safe posters and character awareness posters positioned around the building, plus displays in reception and meeting rooms.


Following the successful launch of the cyber monsters artisan continues to re-invent the campaign. For phase two of the safety campaign, the monsters were dressed up in safety equipment to disguise them amongst the Operations teams and collateral was produced to support this sector of the business. The cyber monsters have become  award winners and following various appearances at national cyber conferences have been adopted by British Sugar, EDF, Thames Water and Jersey Water


Seasonal monster campaigns have been produced to support Halloween and Christmas activity in order to keep the messages strong and clear.


We have recently applied the same messaging and thought process with the blessing of Anglian water to produce a campaign for CGN. As they had already started to produce a campaign based on Moles, we have simply applied our process and ideas, to produce the illustrations they needed to bring the campaign to life.


“Our cyber monsters really have a life of their own with individual styles and personalities meaning that they get up to all sorts of mischief. From positioning them to peer into office windows, through portholes in the floor and through the pages of printed material, they pop up in unexpected places creating buzz and attention in whatever workplace they appear in! The fun never stops; creating themed costumes for them  throughout the year and making sure they make a surprise appearance every now and again to keep everyone on their toes.

Amanda Fitchie, Studio Manager 


“Artisan created a brilliant set of ‘monster’ visuals to help us bring our cyber security campaign to life. Protecting our customers information is a top priority so an engaging campaign was vital in making sure the message landed and stuck, which is always difficult when the subject is a bit dry!  Hack, Viro, Data, Cloud, Cypher and Phish have made a big impact, not just in a visual sense but more importantly in making people really understand cyber threat and the simple steps we can all take to help prevent it.

The team are great to work with. Creative, fun and able to turn top notch work around at lightening speed with only the vaguest of briefs!”

Linda McCormack, Senior Internal Communications Business Partner, Anglian Water