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Welcome to the world of Fruit Bowl

All designers are big kids at heart, so when we were asked to produce a national campaign to engage with under 10 year olds in the UK excitement ran through the team. Fruit Bowl has been established for some time in the children’s snack market but with competition strong we where asked to look at ways to bring the brand to life and communicate with the target audience in order to protect and grow market share for the company.

concept development

Welcome to the world of Fruit Bowl. In order to engage with the young target audience we created 4 Fruit Bowl worlds and the characters that live in each world. We initially provided ideas on illustration style and character names, along with a related document about the personality for each character and the world they live in. After several literations, our team of characters was born.

concept approval

Having agreed our team of characters it was time to get to work bringing their worlds to life in order to create illustrations and animation for the development of the website.

design development

Once our worlds were completed artisan was challenged with developing interactive activities to engage with the youngsters and the parents to build brand recognition. This involved Craft ideas and giveaways much as face masks, Spot The Difference posters and colours posters. A further important part of the campaign was the social media activity we planned and executed to build the brand following.


As the campaign was mostly digital, little collateral was required but working closely with the team we have re-launched all the packaging across the range including the new unicorn flakes which have just recently reached the supermarket shelves.

The campaign is in its 2nd year and has helped the brand hold on to market share with the supermarkets. The characters can be seen at events around the country.


“Creating entire worlds and the characters within them was a massive challenge – but one that we embraced head on. Each character had a strong individual personality, name and trait, which meant we could really have fun making them interesting and accessible to children. The most interesting part as a designer was researching the gender and physical expectations for the characters, and challenging those to create positive role models for children. It’s not every day you get to play with a roller skating hippo!

Amanda Fitchie, Studio Manager 


“We have been working with Artisan on our adaptive packaging design projects and brand creative since 2017. Artisan created and developed our new brand characters and rolled out our new brand look across all communications including website design, social media, advertising and NPD packaging projects. They act as an extension of the Fruit Bowl team, show excellent design skill and great customer service (particularly when working within tight deadlines!).”

Alice Bream, Brand Manager, Fruit Bowl