new website

At the end of 2015 we spent time redesigning and rebuilding the artisan website. There have been several versions over the last few years with changes made to keep up with innovations and trends within the industry. The website is our shop window to the world. Displaying our work at its best is important, but giving visitors a feel for us and the way we work is just as valuable. Our personality is intangible but it is what makes us different from the competition. Our clients like us as people and love the work we do for them so a priority of our website was to get that ‘feeling’ across to new clients as a taster.

We started our rebuild with a brainstorm about what we liked and disliked about our current website. It had done away with the case study section and in reality, was a single page giving an overview of the company as viewers scrolled through.

For the new version, we decided to bring back case studies to illustrate the breadth of areas we work in and to seamlessly add more colour whilst putting meat on the bones to enable both clients and potential clients to see our creative work process.

A major news story of late is agency videos. We looked at a lot – some being successful, others not so. As this coincided with an article in Design Week about the concept, it helped us focus on what was important to us. We are not ones to follow a trend just because it is out there but we felt it is a concept which gives us an opportunity to showcase our personality in a concise way rather than through a standard ‘meet the team’ page.

We storyboarded a day in the life and commissioned our video production company to bring our ideas to fruition. Filming took place over two days and along with the finished video and a holding mini video, we shot some vox pops. They will be popping up all over social media in the coming months. We also commissioned a bespoke piece of music to accompany the video. This has become our theme tune and as music now plays an ever more integral feature in brand recognition, having our own piece of music is very important.

We initially launched our revamped site with the mini video but now the full feature is out there for everyone to take a look at. One of our clients even got into the final cut.

Client videos can play a massive role in what we can offer for brand development, internal marketing and launches. We use social media, especially Vine, a medium which is all about video. But getting over a message in six seconds means you have to really drill down to the concept you need to convey. We introduced a client to Vine recently and are pleased to see they have started using it for their brand.

On our website there is now an entire “our process” section which gives more insight into how we create ideas for our clients. It may show you other areas where we can help you.

Enjoy exploring our new website and watching it continue to evolve throughout 2016. If you want us to look at your website, create brand videos or animations for you then please get in touch.