Anglian Water ‘Love Our Seaside’ Summer coastal campaign

Early this year, we were asked to help Anglian Water create their 2016 Love Our Seaside Summer coastal campaign. It was part of their Keep It Clear project that runs throughout the year. It needed to be in keeping with the 2015 campaign we developed but on a much larger scale.

The Love Our Seaside campaign is an important message for Anglian Water as tourists visit the coast during the summer. Whilst in holiday mode, many forget what should and should not go down the sink and loo. It is crucial to remind holiday goers, as well as residents, of the guidelines whilst also making a serious subject more friendly and engaging for all ages. Putting waste such as cooking fats down your plug hole and sanitary items or wipes down your loo can have very harmful effects on the environment; even causing flooding in your own home.

The average number of wet wipes flushed down the toilet that end up on the beach is 50 per kilometre and litter on the beach is up a massive 400% in just 10 years. Wipes that are labelled as ‘flushable’ do not break down and may end up on the beach. Not only unsightly they could also endanger the local wildlife! With the longest coastline of any English water company, Anglian Water aims to help keep the seaside clean and healthy for people and wildlife.

In the 2015 Love Our Seaside campaign, artisan developed illustrated characters which were then used to communicate the vital messages. The characters included the ‘clearers’ who are 3 of the UK’s most endangered coastal animals. The ‘cloggers’ are the main culprits for blocking our water pipes and leading to pollution.

Keep it Clear Characters

An integrated and phased campaign was developed so we could maximise the impact of the travelling roadshows.

The campaign introduced the slogan of ‘Let’s join forces’. The aim of the campaign was to inspire the whole coastal community to work together; from small local businesses to holiday destinations and parks. By developing jointly branded materials, real working partnerships were generated including national groups such as Keep Britain Tidy and the Marine Conservation Society.

The campaign presented a series of coastal fun roadshows for all the family. Mad Scientist workshops and fun promotional giveaways were supported by local outdoor advertising on bikes, vans and bus stops. Radio advertising was used alongside printed materials, each explaining why keeping our water pipes clear is so essential. A complimentary microsite has been designed to support the campaign but will be available throughout the year. It explains how we can ‘join forces’ so that we can all do our bit.

The campaign was considered to be a great success. We thoroughly enjoyed working on such an important project to protect our seaside, doing our best to Keep It Clear!