Peterborough B2B Exhibition

Last week artisan attended Peterborough’s biggest networking event of the year and had a whirlwind of a day!



On Wednesday 19th, a wide range of companies took the opportunity to exhibit at or visit the Peterborough B2B Exhibition at the Kingsate Exhibition Centre, creating the perfect networking environment. Two of our Account Managers, Sue Gilbert and Tracey Williams, were representing artisan and were kept extremely busy all day. From the very beginning of the day the show focused on allowing everyone to network and make new connections. This started with a breakfast meeting at 7.30am where they were able to fuel themselves for the busy day ahead and meet other exhibiting companies. The rest of the day went by in a very busy, productive and enjoyable 8 hours; meeting a wide array of people and even putting some faces to names we had previously spoken to.

The ‘live twitter wall’ was a key feature of the event and was well-received and well-used. We were able to tweet messages throughout the day to draw attention to happenings and demonstrations on the stand. This was particularly useful to inform people when a presentation was happening or even to just give a wave to those people we had already met!

Augmented Reality


Following the rise of augmented reality and as we have been using it with our clients for some time now, our demonstrations were a particular success; with one contact laughingly referring to it as ‘pure witchcraft’! Being able to show off a new technology and the many invaluable uses for it was extremely beneficial. The result is a follow-up meeting with a potential new client in order for us to explore possibilities; a client we may have never met without the Peterborough B2B exhibition providing the perfect situation.

We felt that a great mix of companies attended, making for interesting conversations on how artisan could add to their marketing and creative strategies. However, not all of the new contacts we made were with new clients but also with new suppliers. Meeting and discussing processes with other suppliers is crucial for us; it helps to broaden the services we can offer our clients whilst also improve the many skills we already possess.

Overall we were very happy with the exhibition, finding it of real benefit to our business. We have vast experience in designing and setting up exhibition stands that have an eye catching aesthetic and welcoming presence. It is important to make sure yours is the stand that people will remember and for all the right reasons! If you need any help with an exhibition, whether it is an entire package or just a last minute flyer, then please get in touch to see how we can help make your day the fantastic business experience ours was.