Ch-Ch-Changes 2016

In 2014 my work was selected to take part in the Blisters Exhibition by Printclub London. The show’s theme was The Sound Sessions where each artist produced a piece inspired by a performer, song or gig. There was then a launch event in Dalston where the printed works were sold and made available online after the event.

I chose David Bowie after visiting the incredible ‘David Bowie is…’ exhibition at the V&A. Bowie has so many iconic looks locked into our collective subconscious; my problem was choosing which one to go with. I decided to show them all with a montage of every look across the years, like a timeline. As Bowie was constantly changing, I thought this was a good way to visualise his evolution.

The print sold out shortly after going online and I thought that was that.

Then, on January 10th 2016, I awoke to the shocking news that David Bowie had died of cancer and that his final album release Blackstar and the video for the single Lazarus was his goodbye to the fans.

I was stunned. The world seemed stunned too and there was an outpouring of sadness and love like I had never witnessed. This horrible disease had stolen someone that still had so much to give.

So I contacted Printclub wanting to do something, anything, and I sounded out an idea of re-releasing the print as a variant edition with a new layer added to the montage using the final image Bowie had left us with. The wonderful people at Printclub liked the idea and offered to supply the paper, the ink and their online shop to sell the print from with all proceeds going to Cancer Research.

IMG_0650          IMG_0643          Davey-Podmore---Ch-Ch-Changes-1

The print is available today in an edition of 69; a print for every year of his life. So if you are a Bowie fan, if you purchased the original print and want to make it a pair, or if you just feel like helping a good cause, head over to the website to get your hands on a print while you can.

Get your limited edition print here


Thanks to Kate and Fred at Printclub; without them this would never have happened.

Many thanks
Davey Podmore
(Creative Director)