is your team Cyber Safe?

The recent cyber attack on Talk Talk in October, highlights the very real threat facing us all, both at work and at home.

Talk Talk, the phone and broadband provider, believed banking details and personal information could have been hacked of their four million UK customers. The attack was more contained than first thought, but still with156,595 customers being affected with their personal details stolen including email addresses, names, date of birth and phone numbers. Other data included 16,000 bank account numbers and sort codes and 28,000 obscured credit and debit card details.  Talk Talk has conceded that it could face a compensation bill running into millions.

It is estimated that 10-15 billion devices are connected to the internet today. As the internet becomes increasingly fundamental in our everyday lives this is estimated to grow dramatically. “We anticipate that the number of ‘things’ connected to the internet will grow to about 50 billion devices by the year 2020,” says Ian Foddering, chief technology officer at Cisco UK. BBC’s Newsnight’s David Grossman reports on the tiny embedded computers that could change life as we know it – and provide huge new opportunities for cyber attackers.

Hacking has been ‘industrialised’, says security expert Tom McDonough, President of Nasdaq-listed Sourcefire, a cyber security intelligence company. Criminals are even selling hacking kits – with a promise of refunds if they do not work.

Anglian Water, who are part of UK critical infrastructure, are running an artisan developed campaign ‘Cyber Safe’ which commenced with window vinyls of cyber monsters trying to break into the Anglian Water head office. The cyber monsters including Hack, Viro and Phish simply illustrated what we are all up against and how we can best handle these monsters by knowing our enemy!

cyber3Different campaign materials very simply provide a guide to how to be vigilant and to protect against attack from those cyber monsters with the slogan Don’t Let Them In! This ongoing campaign provides information about the importance of secure passwords; how to transfer large files safely and how when using open wifi connections, in cafes and hotels, means that anyone can see, change or steal your data – it only takes one person to make one mistake which could compromise security.

Cyber attacks that threaten national security have doubled in a year with the UK now facing up to seven serious assaults every day, GCHQ has warned. The Intelligence Agency is identifying 200 cyber attacks every month that either target critical organisations and networks or come from significant sources, such as hostile states. That compares to 100 a month just last summer.cybersafe

Remember – don’t let them in!

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