new work: exhibition design

After a massively successful stand for Herald Motor Co. at Motorcycle Live 2014 in Birmingham’s NEC arena, the brief in 2015 was to build on that and create an even more memorable exhibition showcase.

 Last year was a re-brand of Herald, allowing its launch to the trade and general public to be used as a means of bringing to life the brand values of authenticity, integrity and attitude. The stand helped raise the profile of the company, making the national press and creating waves throughout the industry!

This year’s challenge started with a blank sheet of paper. We took inspiration from our own gritty photo shoots and images of Mad Max and his post-apocalyptic landscape to create mood boards, visualising what we wanted to achieve.

The lightbulb moment came when looking at the boards it dawned on us that building the stand from scaffolding would be the perfect solution. Utilising off-the-shelf parts to create a bespoke stand not only showed off the range but offered breakout areas and a secure room for staff; easy to build and easy to dismantle, it offered the perfect platform.

We built models in different configurations and presented them to the client to get their buy in. They loved it! Take a look at the pictures to get a feel for our thought processes and to see how the stand evolved.

A final configuration was signed off and working with our exhibition partners, the stand began to take shape. New corrugated metal was hand painted to give a rust effect and posters were printed to stick to the walls. It gave a realistic feel and created an image that the stand had been there for years. The result – a real eye-popping stand out at the show.

Even as it was being built, other exhibitors were coming over to see just what was going on. In shiny, sleek company, the stand achieved its goal and got quite a reaction.

After the show, it all quickly unclipped for easy storage for future exhibits. We can change the layout according to the venue and we are already looking forward to the 2016 show and how to bring the brand to life again.

See below the original model of the stand design as well as more images of the final stand.

Herald 4

 Herald 2

Herald 3