One You

Remember the ‘Change for Life’ campaign with those little plasticine people?  Well there hasn’t been a government-led, health focussed campaign since this was launched in 2009.. until now! 


Public Health England have recently launched a ‘One You’ campaign designed by M&C Saatchi who also headed up the creative on the previous campaign. It’s aimed at adults and encourages them to take control of their health and examines all aspects of health from diet to stress levels.


The campaign is set to roll out across all platforms including: print, outdoor, online, TV advert  and video. It’s the largest campaign since the ‘Change for Life’ campaign 7 years ago.



One you - Sutton - cropped

The design is very bold and to the point, with bright colours and bold typography. Fontsmith were commissioned by M&C Saatchi to create new typefaces for the campaign.


“The typeface needed to connect with people, and find the right balance between being stylish, genuine and legible,”
says Fontsmith.

The basis of the whole campaign is ‘YOU’. With busy lives we tend to neglect our health and wellbeing, focusing instead on work and raising a family. We’re all guilty of using “I don’t have the time” as an excuse sometimes. They have designed a simple quiz to see how healthy you are. It’s easy to take and doesn’t take too long to complete. It highlights areas of health you may not have taken into consideration before. Take the quiz here

The interesting question here is ‘Can design really make a difference when it comes to public health?’. We know it helps sell things but can it sell ideas and encourage healthier lifestyles? In the past we have seen rather graphic anti smoking campaigns and smoking has decreased, whether that has to do with advertising, the ban of smoking in public places or the advent of e-cigarettes, we don’t know; but it raises a good question in the topic of design.

We won’t know whether this campaign has been successful for some time but as more and more people take the quiz you could argue the design has done it’s job. What comes next is up to the individual.