Cummins Stamford product launch

We were asked by Cummins to create a campaign for the launch of their new generator at the MEE 2016 in Dubai. The launch needed to highlight the product’s very specific USPs. Innovative new ways of showcasing the benefits of a logistically heavy object were utilised through the versatility of Augmented Reality (AR). AR, apps and target cards meant potential customers could ‘take-away’ and view the new products at home.


What the designer says:

“We created the strapline ‘You asked. We listened.’ to make that the focus of the launch; the generators had changed to meet the consumers’ needs. Making use of faces to focus on the people that create and use the generators meant we could highlight the message further by using the people to ask and answer questions relating to the product whilst emphasising the quality of the product and heritage of the brand. The revolutionary introduction of AR meant that we could take the generator to the consumer, rather than making the consumer come to the generator.”

Davey Podmore, Creative Director